Following yesterday’s collision between protesters and riot police in the streets of Hong Kong, a court has issued an injunction order to evacuate citizens protesting Hong kong’s government at the regional airport, reports The South China Morning Post

The injunction, according to sources at the airport who spoke with The South China Morning Post was granted late Tuesday to the airport authority, represented by Senior Counsel Benjamin Yu.

According to Reuters, the Chinese government has condemned the demonstrations, characterizing the violent protests as “near-terrorist acts”.

As tensions increase, the Trump administration is holding off, temporarily, on some tariffs that it planned to impose on Chinese goods while letting go of others completely, says The Associated Press. The tariffs which were planned to begin on September 1, would have seen a 10 per cent increase in Chinese goods worth over $300 billion. As pressure mounts from American businesses, the administration now plans to kick off tariffs for electronics and fashion goods on December 15.

On the Chinese side, Presdent Xi Jinping remains resolute to face-off with Trump on the trade war, reports The AP News. Jinping let the yuan dip as a way of frustrating Trump’s plans. Farmers in the United States are said to be caught in the middle of the squable as Chinese buyers have begun cancelling multibillion-dollar worth of purchases from, especially soybean farmers.

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