Announcing the Michael Noto Ngoe Competition

Events unfolding in our society today prompt that we assert ourselves in any manner we possibly can so as not to sink below the weight of the civil turbulence that slouches upon us. In light of this necessity, the Noto-Agatha Foundation and its partners deem it necessary to honour the achievements of the late educator, Mr Michael Noto Ngoe of Bafaka Balue through a prize-awarding competition in the following categories:

  • Essay writing (on policy, economic planning and development, education, culture/history, or any creative writing piece)
  • Business idea development (in agriculture, information and communication technology, mining/engineering or finance)

The best essay or business idea will receive an award and be published (for the essay) or considered for funding (for the business idea). Please read the instructions on how to enter this competition and eligibility very carefully. Any participant who does not follow instructions will be considered ineligible.


  • Entrant must be a person between the ages of 15 and 56 years old at the time of entry into the competition.
  • You must come from one of the tribes of the Oroko ethnic group, i.e Balue, Balondo ba Nanga, Balondo ba Diko, Bima, Bakoko, Batanga, Mbonge, Ekombe, Ngolo, and Bakundu. Entrants from the Barombi, Bakole and Bakassi/Isangele areas will also be considered.
  • You must show proof of your origin by entering the name of your village, tribe and clan on the entry form.
  • Be sure to present an original project (written or conceived by YOU). Any form of plagiarism will lead to your disqualification in this competition and any subsequent competitions or programs offered by the NAF.


  • The essay must be between 8 and 15 pages single-spaced, written in 12 font Times New Roman type.
  • The business idea must be comprehensive, detailing a full plan with illustrative models and charts.
  • No project will be considered for further evaluation if not submitted with the entry form. You can download the form from the following link: The Michael Noto Ngoe Competition
  • Submission deadline is March 15, 2018 at 11:59pm. Any submissions after this date will be ignored. Winners will be announced 2 weeks after the submission deadline.
  • Please DO NOT submit a project if you do not meet the eligibility requirements.

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Blessed E. Ngoe
Lover, brother, uncle, father and friend.

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