About US

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Today’s corporate communication is almost entirely technology based. That is why at Efilon we aim at understanding how technologies help redefine business and how information flow becomes central to the lifeline of any business. In so doing, we help our customers coordinate their businesses along the lines of the network possibilities that communication technologies offer.

What we Do

We are a multifaceted media agency, serving our customers with the freshest information on corporate news (as well as other news of interest) and corporate communication. We help our customers grow their business in the following sectors:

  • Public Relations
  • Market Research and Analysis
  • Business plan conception, development and writing
  • Networking for investment opportunities

Our Mission

Here at Efilon, we do not seek to reinvent the wheel. What we seek to do is help those needing valuable information to get it without needing to work extremely hard for it. Our desire is to serve our consumers with the most valued products that they deserve, in business and in everyday life.

We believe in community and seek to bring businesses and their customers together in a communal understanding that serves all parties right.

Our Vision

Because we are all about community, our ultimate goal is to bridge the gap that exists in communication between producers and their consumers. It is to see that our valued customers go past the challenge of lack of information that helps their businesses grow as well as bring maximum satisfaction to their lives.