Welcome to Efilon Media Agency. Your journey in search of valuable information and support in communicating your business has come to an end. Here at EMA, we provide you with the maximum support your business needs to grow beyond its challenges. Our team of seasoned, young, energetic and goal-oriented professionals will provide you with the best up-to-date and modern tools for your business.

We do not only fix your business communication, we also inform you with the most accurate ‘latest’ on-air in the corporate world. We do so for you to further be equipped with all that you need to face the challenges as well as the hopes that exist in the business world.

Contact us now and let us help you walk into your dreams and grab them!

Join Us in Making a Difference


Our work does not end with helping you go through a colourful business life. It also involves members of our time helping children around the world. Our focus this season is Cameroon where political crises have put the education of over a million children on the hold. The children are exposed to violence everyday and many have been forced into exile with their families. You can make a difference today by supporting our cause. Get involved in improving a child’s life today by clicking HERE

Alternately, you can make a difference by making a donation below:

Support Children in Cameroon, West Africa

More than 1million children have been forced out of school in Cameroon following the worsening crisis between the government and Anglophones seeking political liberation. Thousands of these children are either living with their families in nearby jungles or have fled the country as refugees in Nigeria. Many of them have been orphaned and look up to good people like you to give them the hope of living. We ask you for this donation to help support these children at this time of great need. Your money will help get them food, medication and some form of informal education (as they badly need it). Thank you, in advance, for your generosity.



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