3GJUICE’s “MAJOR MOJO” SPECIAL EDITION 5400 mAh for iPad (!)/ iPhone / Kindle / MiFi / mobile phones / Nintendo DS(i) / iPod/ iTouch fast battery charger with BONUS PACK for PALM PRE Android



Product details

    • Product Dimensions: 4.2 x 1.6 x 0.9 inches
    • Shipping Weight: 11.2 ounces
    • ASIN: B001TL5QIA
    • Item model number: WITH BONUS PACK

This one of the strongest batteries in the world with this size and weight. Power hungry mobile warriors, this is your product. This kind of power (5400 mAh) is normally used in small netbooks, never for your iPhone. Use your own iPhone/ iPod/ Android or Blackberry cable, attach it to the 3GJUICE MAJOR MOJO, press the button and your device will be filled to 100% energy in 2,5 hours. That’s fast. The iPad needs 1A, which the Major Mojo will deliver, resulting in an extra boost of 50% Emptied the battery after extensive use? Try again, MAJOR MOJO will give another 100% charge. You can even give it a third try and it will give another 100% energy. All the time you are in control of the charging/ recharging thanks to smart leds with tell you exactly how much energy is left or how long it will take to recharge. Finally, you can watch movies for hours with only one little device. Ideal for gamers too: imagine that you can play for hours and hours without the need of a socket. With the AC Adapter of 13.8 volts you can recharge the 3GJUICE MAJOR MOJO much faster then through an USB-port. As said, it takes 2,5 hours to fully load your phone. Leave your device and our battery attached, and both will be charged in about 3,5 hours. We developed this battery with Korean engineers and manufacture it in China using the highest quality of li-on polymer available. This enables you a lifetime of at least 600 charge cycles. We’re so confident of this new product that you get a warranty of twelve months. Comes with BONUS PACK: use our special cables + tips for comptability with many other phones. Support for G1, modern Nokia’s and many others. Works with anything that uses an USB-port and 5.3V or 8.4V. We included tips for: – all Android phones! – Nintendo DS(i) – MiFi – Kindle – iPad / iPhone/ iPod / iTouch NOW WITH free world wide charger!


  • New version, 2010. Extremely strong 5400 mAh external battery for iPhone/iPod and other models, see below
  • Excellent (re)charging LED’s to learn what’s going on. Supports iPad: it loads your iPad for 50%
  • Get three extra lifes, ideal for long flights, hikes, gaming or even boring meetings
  • SPECIAL EDITION Supports Nintendo DS(i), MiFi, Kindle, Android, Blackberry, TomTom, Nokia, Siemens, Motorola and Sony Ericsson
  • Automatic shutoff, protection against overheating and excellent building quality

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