Bafaka Balue: A Brief History c.14th Century – 20th Century AD

The group of people now known as Bafaka was, according to one version of oral history, known as Bonadiomo, or descendants of Nadiomo (variably called Naliomo or Nariomo), the brother of Nangenoa and son of Elume Netongo wa Ngoi. According to Tata Nebale Johnson Mesembe, the name, Bafaka originates with the people from the Congo. “The idea that the people were warlike only coincided with the meaning of their original name”. Tata Mesembe said.

Kinship, Ritual and Oroko Existentialism

Among the Oroko (Balue), the death of a spouse when the couple is still young is an abomination. It is an ill omen for the living spouse which may haunt his/her entire life with respect to subsequent decisions to get married. When a man or woman dies, leaving a spouse who can still get married in the future, the bokpisi ritual is conducted to help the living spouse find another partner whenever it is necessary for him or her.