The Moment Is Now!!

Growing up as a boy, many years ago in the village of Bafaka Balue in Cameroon, I witnessed a fascinating reality. Although the people of this community on a hill have one of the most deplorable economic and social situation in the world, they still had time to brace their sorrows with a moment of celebration. They gathered every evening when the moon beamed to enjoy the ever refreshing breeze of the mountain in an “ebonjo” ceremony or a “merenge” dance. This holy celebration of life, which also occasioned the birth of many families I grew up to know, did not cease until the people faced a major health setback in the early 2000s. The meningitis plague that left several people dead within days in 2003 defined a drastic turning point to the social life of the people of Bafaka Balue.

My grandfather once told me that songs and stories can heal the soul. Throughout the years, I have been thinking of how my songs (poems) and stories can tell that of Bafaka Balue and the rest of the communities with it so as to heal their souls. I have lived through the darkness of this life and have seen that there is a speck of light in every single soul lost in the darkest parts of abjection. That light glows within one soulIMG-20161031-WA0005 impaled to the earth by unmerited sorrow, poverty and ignorance. Yet it waits everyday, crying faintly within the frame that bears it with debasement and asking subtly that someone lets it shine.

The time is NOW for me to sing the songs of these souls, to tell their stories and let them tell them and to help heal their wounds inflicted by the economic, social and political situation we all find ourselves in. The time is NOW for you to join me in this mission, to transform just one life for the better and to write your name in the book of those who lived for humanity. For there is no joy in living without giving.

Do you want to be part of a child’s success story? Is your passion to see that someone becomes what they always dream of becoming? Then the time is NOW! Take action NOW.

Blessed E. Ngoe

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Blessed E. Ngoe
Lover, brother, uncle, father and friend.

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